Super Bowl XLVII Live Blog

Two years ago, I live-blogged the Super Bowl between the Packers and the Steelers. I didn’t live-blog the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl, because I was at a bar watching the game with a lot of other Giants’ fans. So this year, I’m at home again, so here we go again.

6:44pm: Missed the Ravens’ first touchdown. Was at Target getting cranberry sauce.

6:50pm: For two strong defensive teams, there’s a lot of offense right now. 49ers knocking on the door.

6:52pm: As soon as I post this, Kaepernick misses an open receiver in the end zone, and the Ravens sack the QB on third down. 49ers settle for a field goal. This was my plan.

7:14pm: No doubt that was a fumble.

7:37pm: Was making dinner. Saw the Ravens TD on replay. Bonus points to B’More for the fake field goal.

7:47pm: OK, I saw that one. Heck of a play by Jones.

8:08pm: Is Beyonce lipsyncing?

8:23pm: Just a note. Live-blogging with three kids is damn near impossible.

8:30pm: Ravens just returned the opening half kickoff for a touchdown. 28-6. Not over, but San Francisco is in a really bad place. In just had a happy.

8:36pm: While the lights are out, Jim Harbaugh is out looting 20 of the Ravens’ points.

8:42pm: Who turned the lights out? Click… Click, click, click…
Who turned the lights out? Click… Click, click, click…

8:59pm:  I hope it doesn’t snow for the Super Bowl next year. God, that would be a DISASTER.

9:18pm: That’s a catch Crabtree HAD to make.

9:29pm: Are the Ravens self-destructing? Punter shanks the punt, 49ers about to score again.

9:50pm: Leon Sandcastle!

10:20pm: Huge, huge, HUGE stop on 3rd down. This feels like a game where the 49ers win 35-34.

10:26pm: Ravens D running on fumes right now.

10:30pm: If Baltimore holds here…wow…

10:32pm: Fourth down. Not the game, but close.

10:33pm: Cue the “we were the better team” BS from San Fran.

10:38:pm: The 49ers might have one Hail Mary in them.

10:39pm: Punter took a TON of time off the clock! Eight seconds! It’s come down to a lateral play. There’s a reason we simply call the main successful ones “The Play” and the “Music City MIRACLE.” It doesn’t happen often. To be fair, a TD here would be the greatest play in Super Bowl history.

10:56pm: Congratulations to Baltimore, Super Bowl XLVII Champions! Not a Ravens fan, but happy for my friends who are Ravens fan. Especially happy that the 49ers lost.

11:02pm: Flacco gets MVP. I thought they might give it to Ray Lewis, like a career achievement award.

11:07pm: See you next year in New York for Super Bowl XLVIII! Giants vs. Broncos! Good night!