Live blogging the Super Bowl, Part III

Another year without the Giants in the Super Bowl, so here I am to give you my ongoing thoughts about the Big Game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.

6:03pm: Damn, there are two Bowsers, and they are really kicking ass! And the Green Team wins! Yeah, my kids are playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. Time to turn that off!

6:24pm: Hey, it’s a Scott Norwood clip! Wait, are they seriously turning the Bible tale of Noah and the flood into an action movie?

6:25pm: Who doesn’t love polka dot jammies?

6:28pm: Phil!!! WTF is Namath wearing a fur coat? And then he prematurely coin flips. Dork.

6:32pm: Meh! Although I did like Rob Riggle, James Franco, and the tiger.

6:33pm: And here comes Peyton Manning. Let’s see what he can do.

6:34pm: Well, that was a bad start for the Broncos.

6:37pm: That isn’t a reverse! It was just an end around! Come on Buck!

6:42pm: Did he step out? Didn’t look like it. It looks like he might have made it. Initial spot was terrible.

6:44pm: What is the point this commercial?

6:44pm: All that for a car commercial?

6:46pm: Gain a yard, lose 5.

6:47pm: Jimmy? You’re so old! It’s the future! Hmm… That cow commercial was creepy. Cow porn.

6:50pm: The no-huddle!

6:51: Four offensive plays for Denver, none of them looked good. Still too early, but that’s a concern.

6:54: F@$& Shawn!

6:58: Seattle is 3 for 4 on third down. And I said that before Joe Buck.

7:00: This game could get out of hand quickly. And nobody thought would be talking about Seattle.

7:12: Could this game be going worse for the Broncos offense?

7:14: The 80s called. They want their store back. Brilliant!

7:16: Tostitos with cheese sauce mixed with bacon. Delicious!

7:24: Seattle is not going to give up a lot of points. If you’re Denver, you’re worried. They need to get something going.

7:38: Pick Six. That might be game.

7:40: Seattle has recorded 7 INTs of the Manning Bros this season and 1 pick six.

7:44: What happened to your face? I was cleaning the chimney. We don’t have a chimney. Whaaaaaaa?

7:52: Yes, the Broncos are driving. But who else is waiting for the interception?

7:54: Or the turnover on downs.

7:56: That happy moment when you realize there’s still liquid in your frosted mug.

7:59: Halftime. Time to eat…more.

8:33: Finishing the meatballs and missed a touchdown! This game is OVER.

8:51: Set off the fire alarm while cooking, but meatballs are tasty. Morpheus returns. Broncos have not.

8:56: Even when Denver gets a big play, they screw it up. Now hold on a moment, Bruce Willis wants me to hug everyone.

9:01: Kearse with a nifty touchdown. Dunno if that’s a great play by him, or horrible tackling by Denver.

9:07: Remember when the Super Bowl used to be like this every year? We’ve been spoiled for the last few years with close games and classics. The last time we’ve seen a blowout in the Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXVII, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Oakland Raiders 48-21. The Bucs had a 34-3 third quarter lead.

9:13: This is the longest it’s taken a team to score since Super Bowl IX, when the Pittsburgh Steelers led 9-0 after three quarters en route to a 16-6 win against the Minnesota Vikings.

9:24: I hope the media doesn’t do something dumb and give the MVP to Russell Wilson. This is a defensive win. Wilson has played well, but not enough to stand out.

9:36: Voted twice for Cliff Avril.

9:56: Mercifully, the game is over. Granted, been over for a while.

9:58: Final thought. Peyton 1-2, Eli 2-0.