Student Detective 2

Student Detective 2: Clueless but on the Case (1995)

Ed Dooley, Michelle Fontana, Simon Smock, Travis Griffin

Brad Stratton

Running Time:
30 minutes

Bumbling high school detective Simon Timpkins is invited to the home of his school principal, who is mysteriously murdered during dinner. Simon needs to follow the clues, and overcome his own stupidity, in order to solve the case.


Ed Dooley as Simon Timpkins
Michelle Fontana as Jo-Anne Hafey
Simon Smock as George Stevenson
Travis Griffin as Ronald Hafey
David Cohen as Kevin Hafey
Michael Keskeys as William Hafey
Brad Stratton as Donald Hampton
Christopher Alexander as Curious Teenager


Probes rain down from a spaceship in outer space. One of them crashed in the woods and is discovered by a teenager. Out of the probe walked a naked man, who scares away the teenager. The naked man gets into a house and finds some clothes, although clothes intended for a young child.

The man, Donald Hampton, goes to Simon Timpkins’ home and invites him to a party at the home of Ronald Hafey, Simon’s high school principal. Donald disappears, leaving Simon to journey alone to the party. Upon arriving at the Hafey residence, Simon also meets Ronald’s children, Kevin, William, and Jo-Anne, and George Stevenson, Jo-Anne’s ex-boyfriend. Simon is quickly infatuated with Jo-Anne.

At dinner, the lights mysteriously go out and a gunshot is heard. When the lights turn back on, Ronald is dead.

In the living room, Simon announces his intentions to solve the mystery, but also butts heads with Lt. Marsha Lewis of the local police station. But while searching the house for clues, Simon finds Marsha has been murdered as well.

In the living room, Simon accuses numerous people of the murder, and each person suddenly turned up dead, until the real killer, Jo-Anne tries to kill Simon. She killed her father because she was written out of his will, then proceeded to kill everyone in the will. Jo-Anne is thwarted by the real life Travis Griffin, as all the actors convene in the living room.


  • The character Jo-Anne Hafey was named after a pen pal from England Brad had in middle school. Brad enjoyed exchanging letters (this was before email) and was disappointed when one day he didn’t get another response. Naming the villain after the pen pal was his own form of revenge.
  • In the original ending, everyone in the living room started headbanging to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. But when Brad tried to film an extra scene with Robert Urban a few days later, he accidentally recorded over the headbanging. The original release cut to an exterior shot of the house while the Queen song played.
  • While Kevin says nothing but his “Hognog” line all movie, the actor changed up the exact words in each saying all movie long. No one noticed during filming.
  • The multiple endings joke was inspired by a similar joke in the movie Clue. This inspiration is highlighted when the movie is revealed to be an elaborate playing of the game in the first ending.



  • https://www.facebook.com/562510227 Brad Stratton

    Previously only “Warrior” was available online, now the full movie of “Student Detective 2: Clueless by on the Case” is available for online viewing. Stars Ed Dooley, Simon Smock, Travis Griffin, Michelle Fontana, Dave Cohen, Michael Keskeys, Brad Stratton, and Christopher Alexander.

  • https://www.facebook.com/100000868761289 Ed Dooley

    Brad, this is crazy because I don’t remember seeing the full production put together! It’s amazing to see something that was done 17 years ago that you didn’t even realize existed. I can see you have a creative mind and I enjoyed it!! Crazy! I do remember that you were asking me to do weird things like duck into the garbage can and I wasn’t exactly sure why :)