The Warrior

The Warrior (1995)

Robert Urban, Desiree Runzel, Travis Griffin, Omar McPherson

Brad Stratton

Running Time:
26 minutes

When the town of West Side Falls in threatened by a ruthless and unethical developer, a vigilante known as “The Warrior” attempts to save the day and win the girl.


Robert Urban as The Warrior/Tom Higgins
Desiree Runzel as Kimberly Ann Summons
Travis Griffin as Jack Ford
Omar McPherson as Damon Dalton
Brad Stratton as The Ripper
David Cohen as Detective Robinson
Andrew Stratton as Tom Higgins (Age 7)
Keith Stratton as Tom’s brother (Age 7)
Michael Keskeys as Richard Bole


Two young children are playing in the front yard of their home, until a car pulls up and Jack Ford (Travis Griffin) exits and shoots one of the kids.

Two local thugs, Damon Dalton (Omar McPherson) and The Ripper (Brad Stratton) are fleeing a bank robbery and stop in the woods to rest. The Ripper is uneasy, having heard a rumor about a creature that is praying on West Side Falls’ criminal element, but Damon quickly dismisses The Ripper’s fears. A vigilante, and the creature of The Ripper’s story, shows up and quickly dispatched the duo, but not before announcing his name to Damon – The Warrior (Robert Urban).

Later, Damon and The Ripper meets separately with Jack, having been revealed that the two thugs arrested because of a corrupt police detective. Upset at the failed bank heist, Jack Ford poisons The Ripper.

Outside of The Grist Mill, Tom Higgins is walking back to his car and accidentally bumps into a woman. The woman, Kimberly Ann Summons, demonstrated an immediate dislike of Tom, but allows Tom to escort her to her car. A car driven by Damon pulls up and the corrupt cop, Detective Robinson (David Cohen), jumps out and kidnaps Kimberly. They take her to the West Side Falls, the namesake of the town and privately owed by Kimberly’s family. Jack arrives and tries to coerce Kimberly to relinquish the rights to the falls, so Jack can turn the land into a parking lot for a new hotel. The Warrior arrives and rescues Kimberly and takes her home.

Kimberly tries to seduce the The Warrior, having fallen for the vigilante, but the Warrior flees. At home, Tom Higgins fantasizes about a life with Kimberly if he tells her that he is the Warrior. He goes back to her home, but hears a scream and runs inside to find her unconscious. Tom notices Damon looking for a missing key in the backyard, and kills him. Kimberly wakes up, but having been previously subjected to mental conditioning by Damon, she tries to kill the Warrior. The Warrior succeeds at breaking the conditioning, and Kimberly discovers the Warrior’s true identify before passing out.

The Warrior goes to confront Jack at the falls, who is preparing to wipe out the falls after gaining control of the deed. Jack makes a comment, which triggers a memory of Tom watching his brother get murdered, and realizes who the murderer was. He reveals his identity to Jack. A fight ensues, and Jack is killed.

Tom returns to Kimberly’s house, but she is being held at gunpoint by Detective Robinson. Tom disarms Robinson and ties him up, and meets up with a fleeing Kimberly in the front yard.


  • Kimberly faints twice in the movie. In real life, the actress was dealing with fainting problems as well. This was reflected by Tom’s “Not again!” comment at the end of the movie.
  • Travis Griffin’s shots during his conversation with Kimberly were shot nearly a month after the rest of the shoot.
  • Michael Keskeys’s role as news anchor Richard Bole was added nearly a year later. The graphics for the news weren’t added until 2008.
  • In a failed sequel, Detective Robinson’s first name was revealed to be Julius.
  • Robert Urban and Desiree Runzel were dating at the time of shooting.



Two attempts were made at a sequel. The first attempt, known as The Warrior Returns, features much of the same cast. After being soundly defeated in a battle, Tom Higgins loses his drive to continue as the Warrior, and after showing little ambition, Kimberly Ann Summons breaks up with him. But when she is kidnapped by disgraced former detective Julius Robinson, Tom dons a new costume and rushes to save the day.

The second attempt, The Warrior Lives, completed little filming at Penn State University – Hazleton Campus, and would have been part of a trilogy. In the sequel, Tom has lost the drive to continue as the Warrior after the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of Kimberly Ann Summons, as well as being soundly defeated in battle by a martial arts expert. He managed to open up with her psychiatrist, who he later falls for and begins to date. But the heir apparent to Jack Ford finds out the Warrior’s identity, and murders Tom’s new girlfriend. Tom dons a new costume, and after making his peace with Kimberly’s death, springs into action and beats the bad guys. But in a cliffhanger ending, a mysterious figure coaches an unknown woman about seeking revenge against the Warrior, and that woman is revealed to be an amnesia-stricken, but very much alive Kimberly Ann Summons.

In the third, never titled movie, the Warrior would have battled the mysterious man who had been pulling the strings throughout the trilogy, as well as trying to restore Kimberly’s memory without getting killed by her. The Warrior would have seemingly sacrificed his life to save Kimberly and the town, but at the end would have been survived and lives happily ever after with Kimberly.



  • http://www.facebook.com/rurbanmp Robert Urban

    Really, we can’t just let these memories go away?

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.keskeys Michael Keskeys

    sweet, that is awesome

  • http://www.facebook.com/desiree.iuzzolino Desiree Iuzzolino

    And here I thought my kids would never find out….

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  • http://www.facebook.com/omcpherson Omar McPherson

    Brad that was cool looking at myself so young.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rurbanmp Robert Urban

    What are you talking about Omar? We’re still young.

  • http://www.facebook.com/keith.stratton Keith Stratton

    Easily my best performance. I die in style!

  • http://www.facebook.com/omcpherson Omar McPherson

    Bobby I agree we are still young but 16 years ago was a lot younger.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rurbanmp Robert Urban

    Look, let’s not talk about how long ago it was.

  • ProSlacker1

    Looking back now at this video, It’s a big surprise no one ever called the cops on us lol. Staging kidnappings in the gristmill parking lot, holding people at fake gun point at the falls, our very poor acting, etc. I still want to know why we never got an M award for our work from Mr L.

    ~The Warrior~

    PS, the sequal will be better

    • http://www.bradstratton.com Brad Stratton (admin)

      I’ve often wondered what people dining at the Grist Mill must have thought.

  • ProSlacker1

    One further comment……. Looking back again, Kimberly Summons has an odd household for a single woman. She has a minivan, a garage full of tools and a wheelbarrow, it just screams cat lady lmao. Sorry Desi, just blame the director. I would like to say that I performed all of my own stunts though