Preservation of the World

So last weekend, the family went camping with one of Xander’s school friends and his family. We went to Elk Neck State Park in Northeast, Md., arriving that Friday and leaving on Monday.

The weather was great for most of the weekend. The highlight was on early Saturday afternoon, where we spent a few hours at the beach, swimming in the Chesapeake Bay. The first 50 feet or so into the Bay was very rocky, so I started wearing my sandals into the water, and held them in my hands once I got past the rocks.

As we were swimming, we watched a storm front drift across the Bay. After leaving the beach, we stopped by Walmart to pick up a few items we needed, when the sky opened up. Instead of cooking that night, we ate at Woody’s Crab House.

The following day, we hiked out to the lighthouse in the southern tip of the Elk Neck peninsula.

It was the first time the boys have gone camping before, as well as the first for Christine and I since September 2004. I can’t wait to go back.