Super Bowl

Tweet-Blogging Super Bowl XLIX

This year, instead of live blogging the Super Bowl, I live-tweeted the Super Bowl. All my tweets were supposed to post to Facebook, but something went wrong and it stopped posting sometime in the second quarter.

So a week later, I present my tweet-blog of Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.


Live blogging the Super Bowl, Part III

Another year without the Giants in the Super Bowl, so here I am to give you my ongoing thoughts about the Big Game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.

6:03pm: Damn, there are two Bowsers, and they are really kicking ass! And the Green Team wins! Yeah, my kids are playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. Time to turn that off!

6:24pm: Hey, it’s a Scott Norwood clip! Wait, are they seriously turning the Bible tale of Noah and the flood into an action movie?

6:25pm: Who doesn’t love polka dot jammies?

6:28pm: Phil!!! WTF is Namath wearing a fur coat? And then he prematurely coin flips. Dork.

6:32pm: Meh! Although I did like Rob Riggle, James Franco, and the tiger.

6:33pm: And here comes Peyton Manning. Let’s see what he can do.

6:34pm: Well, that was a bad start for the Broncos.

6:37pm: That isn’t a reverse! It was just an end around! Come on Buck!

6:42pm: Did he step out? Didn’t look like it. It looks like he might have made it. Initial spot was terrible.

6:44pm: What is the point this commercial?

6:44pm: All that for a car commercial?

6:46pm: Gain a yard, lose 5.

6:47pm: Jimmy? You’re so old! It’s the future! Hmm… That cow commercial was creepy. Cow porn.

6:50pm: The no-huddle!

6:51: Four offensive plays for Denver, none of them looked good. Still too early, but that’s a concern.

6:54: F@$& Shawn!

6:58: Seattle is 3 for 4 on third down. And I said that before Joe Buck.

7:00: This game could get out of hand quickly. And nobody thought would be talking about Seattle.

7:12: Could this game be going worse for the Broncos offense?

7:14: The 80s called. They want their store back. Brilliant!

7:16: Tostitos with cheese sauce mixed with bacon. Delicious!

7:24: Seattle is not going to give up a lot of points. If you’re Denver, you’re worried. They need to get something going.

7:38: Pick Six. That might be game.

7:40: Seattle has recorded 7 INTs of the Manning Bros this season and 1 pick six.

7:44: What happened to your face? I was cleaning the chimney. We don’t have a chimney. Whaaaaaaa?

7:52: Yes, the Broncos are driving. But who else is waiting for the interception?

7:54: Or the turnover on downs.

7:56: That happy moment when you realize there’s still liquid in your frosted mug.

7:59: Halftime. Time to eat…more.

8:33: Finishing the meatballs and missed a touchdown! This game is OVER.

8:51: Set off the fire alarm while cooking, but meatballs are tasty. Morpheus returns. Broncos have not.

8:56: Even when Denver gets a big play, they screw it up. Now hold on a moment, Bruce Willis wants me to hug everyone.

9:01: Kearse with a nifty touchdown. Dunno if that’s a great play by him, or horrible tackling by Denver.

9:07: Remember when the Super Bowl used to be like this every year? We’ve been spoiled for the last few years with close games and classics. The last time we’ve seen a blowout in the Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXVII, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Oakland Raiders 48-21. The Bucs had a 34-3 third quarter lead.

9:13: This is the longest it’s taken a team to score since Super Bowl IX, when the Pittsburgh Steelers led 9-0 after three quarters en route to a 16-6 win against the Minnesota Vikings.

9:24: I hope the media doesn’t do something dumb and give the MVP to Russell Wilson. This is a defensive win. Wilson has played well, but not enough to stand out.

9:36: Voted twice for Cliff Avril.

9:56: Mercifully, the game is over. Granted, been over for a while.

9:58: Final thought. Peyton 1-2, Eli 2-0.

Super Bowl XLVII Live Blog

Two years ago, I live-blogged the Super Bowl between the Packers and the Steelers. I didn’t live-blog the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl, because I was at a bar watching the game with a lot of other Giants’ fans. So this year, I’m at home again, so here we go again.

6:44pm: Missed the Ravens’ first touchdown. Was at Target getting cranberry sauce.

6:50pm: For two strong defensive teams, there’s a lot of offense right now. 49ers knocking on the door.

6:52pm: As soon as I post this, Kaepernick misses an open receiver in the end zone, and the Ravens sack the QB on third down. 49ers settle for a field goal. This was my plan.

7:14pm: No doubt that was a fumble.

7:37pm: Was making dinner. Saw the Ravens TD on replay. Bonus points to B’More for the fake field goal.

7:47pm: OK, I saw that one. Heck of a play by Jones.

8:08pm: Is Beyonce lipsyncing?

8:23pm: Just a note. Live-blogging with three kids is damn near impossible.

8:30pm: Ravens just returned the opening half kickoff for a touchdown. 28-6. Not over, but San Francisco is in a really bad place. In just had a happy.

8:36pm: While the lights are out, Jim Harbaugh is out looting 20 of the Ravens’ points.

8:42pm: Who turned the lights out? Click… Click, click, click…
Who turned the lights out? Click… Click, click, click…

8:59pm:  I hope it doesn’t snow for the Super Bowl next year. God, that would be a DISASTER.

9:18pm: That’s a catch Crabtree HAD to make.

9:29pm: Are the Ravens self-destructing? Punter shanks the punt, 49ers about to score again.

9:50pm: Leon Sandcastle!

10:20pm: Huge, huge, HUGE stop on 3rd down. This feels like a game where the 49ers win 35-34.

10:26pm: Ravens D running on fumes right now.

10:30pm: If Baltimore holds here…wow…

10:32pm: Fourth down. Not the game, but close.

10:33pm: Cue the “we were the better team” BS from San Fran.

10:38:pm: The 49ers might have one Hail Mary in them.

10:39pm: Punter took a TON of time off the clock! Eight seconds! It’s come down to a lateral play. There’s a reason we simply call the main successful ones “The Play” and the “Music City MIRACLE.” It doesn’t happen often. To be fair, a TD here would be the greatest play in Super Bowl history.

10:56pm: Congratulations to Baltimore, Super Bowl XLVII Champions! Not a Ravens fan, but happy for my friends who are Ravens fan. Especially happy that the 49ers lost.

11:02pm: Flacco gets MVP. I thought they might give it to Ray Lewis, like a career achievement award.

11:07pm: See you next year in New York for Super Bowl XLVIII! Giants vs. Broncos! Good night!

The Lonely Weekend between Championship Weekend and the Super Bowl

The Bad News: New York Giants’ QB Eli Manning and DE Jason Pierre-Paul will no longer be playing in tomorrow’s Pro Bowl, and WR Victor Cruz, a 2nd alternate for the NFC team, will not get an opportunity to be a Pro Bowl… at least not for this season.

The Good News: That’s because the Giants are in the frickin’ Super Bowl!!!

Left for dead in mid-December after a lifeless performance against the Washington Redskins dropped New York’s record to a pedestrian 7-7, the Giants have rattled off five straight victories to claim the title of NFC Champion and play in next weekend’s Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. And their opponent: the New England Patriots. Hmm… where have we heard this story before?

In fact, the similarities to 2007 are incredibly eerie. After a lifeless performance against the Redskins in Week 15 dropped the Giants’ record to 9-5, the Giants were viewed as having their playoff hopes in serious danger, and a definite one-and-done even if they did get in. Then the Giants came back twice to beat the Bills in Buffalo, lost to 15-0 New England in a game that still felt like a win, beat a NFC South team in the first round (Tampa Bay), beat the No. 1 seed in the divisional playoffs (Dallas), and then won the NFC Championship against the No. 2 seed (Green Bay) in overtime, with the winning field goal by Lawrence Tynes getting set up by a turnover (Brett Favre interception). Finally, the Giants wore their road whites and upset the (heavily) favored Patriots.

This year, the Giants beat the Jets and Cowboys in Week 16 and 17 to clinch the NFC East division title, beat an NFC South team (Atlanta) in the first round, beat the No. 1 seed (Green Bay) in the divisional round, then won the NFC Championship against the No. 2 seed (San Francisco) in overtime, with the winning field goal by Lawrence Tynes getting set up by a turnover (Kyle Williams fumble). Finally, the Giants will wear their road whites and and hope to upset the (slightly) favored Patriots.

Here’s another similarity. In 2007, the Giants lost 38-35 to the then-undefeated Patriots during the regular season, then avenged the loss in the playoffs. This year, the Giants lost 38-35 to the then-undefeated Packers during the regular season, then avenged the loss in the playoffs.

But here’s a big difference. In 2007, the Giants lost to the Patriots during the regular season, then beat them in the Super Bowl. This year, the Giants beat the Patriots in the regular season, so it’s actually New England that will look to avenge the earlier loss.

The Patriots finished 13-3 this season, although did not beat a single team all regular season that finished with a winning record. That ominous streak did end in the AFC Championship Game however, where they beat the 12-4 Baltimore Ravens. To be fair, the Patriots did beat the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Oaklands Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles, all which finished with an 8-8 record and might have had a winning record had they played someone else.

The Giants finished 9-7, but have probably been the hottest team since Christmas. New England has been pretty hot as well, having won 10 straight since losing to the Giants in Week 9.

A big question, however, if how the off week will affect the two teams.

I’ll be back later this week with my pick, and I will be again live blogging during the game (although I obviously have more at stake than Packers-Steelers).

Super Bowl XLV – Live!

Ok, a little late with this.

7:08 Trying to type, watch, and make noodles. Was about to type that the Packers look better so far, then Green Bay gets a Pick 6. Time to panic in the ‘Burgh yet?

7:18 Is anyone actually expected to go to GoDaddy.com to see more of Joan Rivers?

Pittsburgh showing life after Big Ben started limping. A touchdown would have been big there, big third down tackle on Wallace. 14-3

7:26 Yeah, another special effects laden extravaganza with no plot and racist characters, brought to you by Michael Bay.

7:32 Reminded why I never manage to blog at all. Is it my kids’ bed time yet?

Love the Star Wars commercial. Probably since I “use the force” with automatic paper towel dispensers.

Pittsburgh converts a 1st and 20, starting to drive. Green Bay reminding me of being up 14-0 on the Giants and then giving up two quick touchdowns.

7:41 Biggest hit of the night so far is a log on Roseanne. 15-yard personal foul on the log?

Fun betting line as Ben throws another interception: Better Big Ben QB rating in Super Bowl 40 or 45?

7:48 Anyone know if Jessica Simpson was at the bar where Ben ran up the huge tab a few days ago?

8:09 Halftime. Green Bay still in command, but the Steelers picked up a big score before the half.

Hey, what happened to the Geriatric Super Bowl halftime show?

I’m typing all of this on my Android. Everytime I swype “Super Bowl,” it comes out as “Super Bowel.”

8:18 Fun stat. No team in Super Bowl history has come back from 10 or more points down to win.

8:35 Got bad info. No team has come back from MORE than 10. Washington trailed Denver 10-0, won 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII.

8:51 Second half has been all Steelers so far. The Packers’ offense has been lifeless, and their defensive line is giving up too many yards. Key third and one coming up at midfield. I’d be shocked if Green Bay stopped them.

8:56 First down.

9:01 Thank God the Steelers got rid of Jeff Reed. I could have kicked that better.

9:10 Kinda lame trying to push a player into a punted ball.

Aaron Rodgers is playing lousy right now.

9:31 Packers have 21 points off of turnovers. Only stat you need.

9:38 Admittedly, the Steelers aren’t giving up. Charles Woodson being out is huge right now.

If Steelers lose, this much is clear. God does not want Flozell Adams (rightfully so) to win a Super Bowl.

And the Steelers score on a pass to Wallace. Get the deuce on the conversion on an OPTION! Three point game.

I think the GoDaddy.com server just crashed.

9:50 Earlier in the game, Buck and Aikman commented on the Packers’ play balance so far. Since then, no balance. The Steelers get pressure every play because the Packers aren’t running the ball.

As I typed this, the Packers ran the ball twice. Damn.

Packers are 8 yards from putting the game away.

9:56 And they can’t close the deal. So here we are. 2:10 left, Green Bay up by 6. Only QB to lead a game-winning drive in the final two minutes when nothing less than a touchdown would suffice… Eli Manning.

10:03 Fifty-six seconds left and fourth down.

10:05 Incomplete pass. The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV Champions!

Again, 21 of Green Bay’s 31 points came off turnovers. Nuff said.

10:17 Trophy presentation on the field. Aaron Rodgers wins MVP. Favre never was a Super Bowl MVP. Poor Brett needs a hug somewhere.

That’s it for me. Promise there will be more posts!

A New York Super Bowl? The horror!!!

So on Tuesday afternoon, the NFL announced live on NFL Network that the site of the 2014 Super Bowl will be New York/New Jersey, at the new Meadowlands Stadium. It will be the first Super Bowl to be held in an open-air stadium in a location that is generally cold that that time of the year (Super Bowl IV was held in Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, and the temperature was 39 degrees, so it’s not going to be the first cold-weather Super Bowl).

(By the way, doesn’t NFL Mobile rock? I was at the Maryland MVA getting my driver’s license renewed, but got to watch the announcement live.)

Anyway, since the announcement, numerous stories have come out in the media about what a horrible idea this is. I’ve summarized these stories below.

It’s going to be cold!!!!!!!!!

It’s going to be windy!!!!!!!!

It’s going to be snowing!!!!

No one is going to want to go!!!!!!

Good luck getting someone to perform at halftime!!!!

The weather could affect the game’s outcome!!!!!

They’re gambling with an American institution!!!!!

What about all the parties???

The game is supposed to be in Miami!!!!! (exclusive to South Florida media)

In short, what a crock of shit. Most of these comments are too stupid to really be covered, but then again, what’s the point of this post otherwise?

1. Every team in the NFL is used to playing in cold weather. The players come from different colleges and universities from around the country, including schools in….GASP….cold-weather locations. And every division in the NFL has at least one team in a moderately-cold or worse location (Carolina had an average temperature in the 40s in December and January, and Tennessee has average temperature in the 40s in December, and in the 30s in January). And every team in the NFL has to go to different locations around the country to play games, including locations in…GASP…cold-weather cities!

2. So Joe Gibbs has told the story about the time his Washington Redskins went to Giants Stadium and lost 17-0 in the NFC Championship Game. The game was notoriously windy, to the point that Giants punter Sean Landeta is largely considered the game’s MVP. Dear Joe, maybe if Gary Clark hadn’t dropped a perfectly-placed, wide-open, guaranteed-touchdown bomb, your team might have been more competitive. Dear Joe, maybe if your team hadn’t botched a field goal snap, your team might have been more competitive. Dear Joe, maybe if your offensive gameplan didn’t require your QB to throw the ball 50 times, your team might have been more competitive. Dear Joe, the last I checked, wind is not exclusive to cold-weather locations.

3. Greg Cote of the Miami Herald is a funny guy. He commented on the probability of snow during the Super Bowl. Hey Greg, this isn’t Buffalo, with an average of 24 inches in January and another 17 in February. Nor is it Syracuse, with 30 and 25 inches. The National Climatic Data Center has been tracking snowfall in New York for 134 years. Central Park (the closest location they measure) gets 7.5 inches in January and 8.5 in Febuary. Those totals are spread over a month. Usually it’s an inch here, two inches there, a half-inch another time, one and half after that. Last winter was the execption, not the rule. I grew up in New Jersey, about 45 minutes away from Giants Stadium. I could count the number of White Christmases on my 32 on one hand. Yes, it could snow. Yes, it might snow. No, it probably won’t snow. And if it does snow, well I call that “Football Weather.”

4. Ever watch Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve. Every year, it’s estimated that about a million people gather in the middle of the night to welcome in the new year. And you’re afraid people won’t go to a football game that’s 15 minutes away, starts at 6 p.m., and is over by 10 at the latest?

5. Here is a list of the performers who have appeared in the middle of the night on New Years Eve in Times Square: Jennifer Lopez, Daughtry, the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Jesse McCarthy, Miley Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood. This was just in the last three years. Notice that none of these acts are eligible for an AARP meembership. This is a good thing.

6. What is a true champion? A team that does one style very well and sticks to it, or a team that is able to succeed in multiple conditions and makes the neccessary adjustments?

7. This may be the dumbest statement of all. The wind chill was -18 degrees in the 2008 NFC Championship Game in Green Bay. Was the Giants’ win somehow cheapened by this? Should we have postponed the Ice Bowl and waited for a warmer day. I hear Raiders’ fans whining about the Tuck Rule game, but it’s because of the Tuck Rule more than the snow on the ground. There have been some classic games in the cold (there have been some duds as well, but there have been plenty of dud Super Bowls as well).

8. What about all the parties? This is New York City. You think NewYork doesn’t know how to party? The week leading up is going to have some of the best parties the Super Bowl has even seen. Only Vegas and New Orleans could outdo New York.

I’m psyched about having the Super Bowl in the Meadowlands. I’ll probably be watching the game on TV in my home in Maryland, but this game could have classic written all over it.

By the way, let’s not forget the real reason so much of the media is against the game (although they aren’t printing it). The writers and bloggers all lose their week-long vacation to a sunny location. Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning admits that he will miss lounging by the pool after their show is over. No beaches + no bikinis = WAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!