Merry Christmas to All

First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Christmas morning was fun at the Stratton household. I have three boys, Xander, Aidan, and Owen. Xander is 4, Aidan is 2, and Owen is 6 months old. Xander seems to really understand the whole Santa thing for the first time; Aidan declared every toy he or his brother got to be “mine;” and Owen really liked playing with and trying to eat the wrapping paper. As I type this, the family and I are heading north to New Jersey to visit family for the holidays (yea for WordPress for Blackberry!).

So I was wrong about the Giants last Monday night, New York was playing like a desperate tiger cornered, and Washington played like they were trying to schedule their tee times.

Tomorrow is the next step for the Giants, as they host the Carolina Panthers in their home finale. To commemorate the game, the Giants are going to play a video tribute at halftime that will feature a song by Bruce Springsteen (nope, the Boss won’t actually be there). Although I haven’t heard officially, you can expect the Giants to bring back some former greats as honorary captains. I heard a rumor that Lawrence Taylor will be one of them. Unfortunately, Phil Simms will be working for CBS, otherwise he probably would be there as well. I would also expect to see Harry Carson.

The Panthers will be starting Matt Moore at quarterback again, after Jake Delhomme went on injured reserve earlier this week in a move that could end his career in Carolina.

I’ll be there, so I’ll post the crappy pictures that I get.


The New York Yankees seem to be embracing past seasons as of late, signing Nick Johnson and trading for Javier Vasquez. Both players used to play for the Yankees.

I like the Johnson signing; I’ve long been a fan of him, even while he was playing in Washington for the Nationals.

As for the Vasquez trade, I’m not sold on him. First of all, we had to give Melky Cabrera to the Braves, and I liked watching the “Melk Man” in New York. But more importantly, Vasquez was unimpressive last time he was on the roster, posting an ERA just under 5.

But wait! Vasquez said he was injured most of the season, but kept it to himself. Well, that’s a little bette…WAIT A MOMENT!!! So he was hurt and didn’t tell anymore? In 2004? So we could have shelfed him for a while in the regular season, gotten him back for the playoffs, and maybe would not have had to star Kevin F***ing Brown in Game 7 against the Red Sox? THANKS A LOT, A**HOLE!!