Cincinnati Bengals

Goodbye Chris Henry

Back on Thursday morning, Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver Chris Henry died after falling out the back of a pick-up truck the day before. He apparently had been arguing with his fiance, Loleini Tonga, and when she tried to drive off in the pick-up, he jumped into the bed to continue the argument.

Henry made a lot of questionable decisions in the years prior to this tragic event. He was correctly portrayed as a thug, and got handed a half-year ban in 2007 by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. In April 2008, he was arrested and subsequently waived by the Bengals.

Four months later, he was resigned by the Bengals. Once this time, he seemed to be cleaning his life up. He stopped hanging out with his “friends,” spending more time with his fiance and three children.

The fact that Henry seemed to be on the right path makes this story all the more tragic. His three children with Tonga are now fatherless, and maybe he was becoming a good father. On the other hand, nobody knows what the argument was about, so was this an instance of Henry regressing into his old self.

I think time will tell how we view Henry’s death: a tragic event that derailed a young man’s efforts to do the right thing, or one final action by a thug who just couldn’t get it right.


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