Super Bowl XLV – Live!

Ok, a little late with this.

7:08 Trying to type, watch, and make noodles. Was about to type that the Packers look better so far, then Green Bay gets a Pick 6. Time to panic in the ‘Burgh yet?

7:18 Is anyone actually expected to go to GoDaddy.com to see more of Joan Rivers?

Pittsburgh showing life after Big Ben started limping. A touchdown would have been big there, big third down tackle on Wallace. 14-3

7:26 Yeah, another special effects laden extravaganza with no plot and racist characters, brought to you by Michael Bay.

7:32 Reminded why I never manage to blog at all. Is it my kids’ bed time yet?

Love the Star Wars commercial. Probably since I “use the force” with automatic paper towel dispensers.

Pittsburgh converts a 1st and 20, starting to drive. Green Bay reminding me of being up 14-0 on the Giants and then giving up two quick touchdowns.

7:41 Biggest hit of the night so far is a log on Roseanne. 15-yard personal foul on the log?

Fun betting line as Ben throws another interception: Better Big Ben QB rating in Super Bowl 40 or 45?

7:48 Anyone know if Jessica Simpson was at the bar where Ben ran up the huge tab a few days ago?

8:09 Halftime. Green Bay still in command, but the Steelers picked up a big score before the half.

Hey, what happened to the Geriatric Super Bowl halftime show?

I’m typing all of this on my Android. Everytime I swype “Super Bowl,” it comes out as “Super Bowel.”

8:18 Fun stat. No team in Super Bowl history has come back from 10 or more points down to win.

8:35 Got bad info. No team has come back from MORE than 10. Washington trailed Denver 10-0, won 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII.

8:51 Second half has been all Steelers so far. The Packers’ offense has been lifeless, and their defensive line is giving up too many yards. Key third and one coming up at midfield. I’d be shocked if Green Bay stopped them.

8:56 First down.

9:01 Thank God the Steelers got rid of Jeff Reed. I could have kicked that better.

9:10 Kinda lame trying to push a player into a punted ball.

Aaron Rodgers is playing lousy right now.

9:31 Packers have 21 points off of turnovers. Only stat you need.

9:38 Admittedly, the Steelers aren’t giving up. Charles Woodson being out is huge right now.

If Steelers lose, this much is clear. God does not want Flozell Adams (rightfully so) to win a Super Bowl.

And the Steelers score on a pass to Wallace. Get the deuce on the conversion on an OPTION! Three point game.

I think the GoDaddy.com server just crashed.

9:50 Earlier in the game, Buck and Aikman commented on the Packers’ play balance so far. Since then, no balance. The Steelers get pressure every play because the Packers aren’t running the ball.

As I typed this, the Packers ran the ball twice. Damn.

Packers are 8 yards from putting the game away.

9:56 And they can’t close the deal. So here we are. 2:10 left, Green Bay up by 6. Only QB to lead a game-winning drive in the final two minutes when nothing less than a touchdown would suffice… Eli Manning.

10:03 Fifty-six seconds left and fourth down.

10:05 Incomplete pass. The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV Champions!

Again, 21 of Green Bay’s 31 points came off turnovers. Nuff said.

10:17 Trophy presentation on the field. Aaron Rodgers wins MVP. Favre never was a Super Bowl MVP. Poor Brett needs a hug somewhere.

That’s it for me. Promise there will be more posts!